Wednesday, 13 October 2010


Govinda and Sridevi in the only film they did together; Gair Kaanooni (1989), Er.. movie was not good but Sri had some really funny scenes in the movie. The comic mujra Tum jo parda karoge, is fun, Sridevi looks like a Goddess, literally, in Jai Laxmi Jai Laxmi and the beach kohli song, Nakko baba, bakko baba is very cute.

All songs choreographed by Saroj Khan.

Rare pics; Sridevi with Govinda

Govinda: "I will tell you about this incident with Sridevi, I went for this show with her about seven - eight years back when her. Nagina had just released. At the show, I took away all the applause. Around one in the night, Srideviji called me and asked: "Govindaji can you come for a rehearsal?" I went across to meet her and the entire family was awake. She asked me, "How do you remember the steps of my dances?" I told her that I was great fan of hers and used to copy her and Jeetu bhai on stage. That's how I remembered all her steps. She then learnt the steps from me until three o'clock in the night. At the next day's show, she overshadowed me completely. This kind of dedication, sincerity and honesty to win is required. How can someone like that be anything but No.1?.

Stardust, May, 1999

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