Monday, 11 October 2010


Manish Malhotra and Kajol greet Sridevi. I think this snap was taken at Manish's shop opening.

Kajol, "My Favorite actress. I think Sridevi. I would have to say. She is my favorite. I love her. I told her one day I met her you should really open up a school. Because its amazing she knows... I mean if you watch her she knows everything about her job. It's not only about standing in front of the camera. She knows how she should hold her body, how to cut her weight, how she should stand, face, speak, light... She knows how to light her face. Most actors do not pay attention to these details." (Conversation with Aamir Khan).

See clip of Kajol speaking about Sridevi here.

Kajol greeting Jeetendra and Sridevi at Screen Actors award ceremony.

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