Sunday, 17 October 2010

Khuda Gawah

During the making of the epic Bollywood film Khuda Gawah, a lot of scenes and cast members didn't exactly make the cut. Instead of Nagarjuna, Sunjay Dutt was supposed to be the young love interest for Sridevi in the film but for some reason or another, he got the boot.

A scene where the father, played by Amitabh Bachchan, meets his daughter, Sridevi, was shot, but did not make the final edit either. Would be great to have the blue ray of this film with extra scenes and commentary. A director's cut with the epic-ness of this glorious film...

Excerpt from Showtime magazine - as you read this years after the film's release, you can see that the movie went through a lot of changes before the final version hit the screen:

The superstar (Amitabh) matches his wits with the superstarni (Sridevi) in this tough yet tender epic, of passion and pathos. For the first time in an Amitabh movie, a heroine has managed a double role! 

Afghanistan in all its starkness forms the backdrop for Amitabh and his beloved Sridevi in the beginning. However, when the Pathan, accompanied by his daughter comes to India on a mission, back home his beloved dies. Still accomplishing his mission, he stays on until his daughter grows up and is enmeshed in a love triangle of her own, involving Sunjay Dutt and Shilpa Shirodkar. Amitabh plays an elderly role. Inspite of all the other tangents, Amitabh says, "The film revolves around the father-daughter relationship."

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