Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Laadla (1994)

A lot of people really liked Sridevi's performance in Laadla (Yash Chopra gave it high praise in several interviews around the time of the film's release). A Bollywood-ised version of The Taming of the Shrew (to some extent), Sridevi's role wasn't a genteel damsel in distress - she made a delicious vicious lady. A negative character she played with relish and wicked glee... only to be tapered at the end.

Sridevi's catch-phrase ("You understand, you better understand!") was uttered many times in the film (and bless her, each time, done marvelously in a different tone and style). Grating for some, but for others, it was magical - the film was a huge hit with the masses.

A flawed movie that was predictable as punch... but Sridevi carried the film. After a series of flops with the two stars, Anil and Sridevi, the box-office success of this movie was a welcome change.

The glamorous and gorgeous Raveena Tandon was also in the film but she was totally eclipsed by the Chandni herself... No matter, till date, Raveena claims to be a Sri fan. Like most of her generation.

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  1. sri looked v different v fresh and v v beautiful in this movie.
    she ruled.
    my fav
    she is indeed the last empress.