Sunday, 17 October 2010

Malini Iyer

As a hardcore Sridevi fan, I have every episode of the ill-fated TV Show on Sahara, Malini Iyer.

It pains to type this but... truth be told, if there was ever a show with wasted resources, it was Malini Iyer. It started with a bang but with shoddy writing and sloppy direction, the TV show fizzled out. Shame. Sridevi had some truly spectacular scenes in the show and she looked amazing and acted well... which is sort of a given now as is there any doubt to her legend?

 Even the supporting cast wasn't bad but it needed a tighter edit and a bit more imagination.

I've never wanted to like a show more... the return of Sridevi... her first show on television... ever... was a momentous occasion for millions of her fans. But... but... but...

Mahesh Thakur (Sri's co-star in MI), "I have been a fan of Sridevi and playing her husband was a big feather in my cap. Initially I thought she would have Bollywood star tantrums and attitude but she is nothing of that sort. She is extremely mischievous and the soul of our serial." (The Times of India, Jan, 2004).

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