Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Nigahein (1989)

(1989), ie Nagina part II, with Sunny Deol was a far more polished film but it didn't do nearly as well as its predecessor, the super-duper-hit, Nagina (1986). Possibly, Sridevi's biggest box-office smash EVER.

Nagina did not get great reviews in the press when it first released - but the movie was an unstoppable smash at the box-office. Trying to re-create the magic with the entire team, minus Rishi Kapoor and Amrish Puri, with younger substitutes Sunny Deol and Anupam Kher, didn't work in the film's favour. Anupam Kher, years after Nigahein collected dust at the box-office, mentioned that he was a bit embarrassed by his hammy performance in this flick. Ah well. No one has an unblemished career (as much as we love Sridevi, she's done a few blah movies too!).

Sridevi looks incredibly beautiful in Nigahein and her finale dance number, a re-worked Main Teri Dushman (swapping the divine Lata Mangeshkar for Kavita Krishnamurthy was a misstep - though Kavita's a fab singer in her own right!) rocks.

Slim and trim, Sridevi stole the show (again) from co-stars, much to their chagrin. Rumours are after Sri did it yet again in Chaalbaaz, Sunny Deol and she never worked together again. Sri also famously turned down Ghayal (Sunny Deol's home-production) which didn't help. These two looked really good together and did quite a few films in the '80s (Sultanat, Joshilay, Ram Avtaar, Chaalbaaz, Nigahein and Main Tera Dushman). With more flops than hits, perhaps this screen-pair just wasn't meant to be in the overall scheme of things!

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