Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Pooja Bhatt, ''Sridevi is Sridevi, nobody can touch her''

An interview of Pooja Bhatt when she first joined the industry.

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Interview with Pooja Bhatt, Movie magazine, June 1991 (cover of Aamir and Salman
Page 49

"MOVIE: What about the seasoned stars like Sridevi?
Pooja Bhatt: Well Sridevi is Sridevi, nobody can touch her, not even with a
barge pole. I have seen her once, and I say she is the greatest actress I have
ever seen. She is a total switch on, switch off artiste. No other actress of
today can do it. Speaking for myself I work myself up to such a ptich for some
scenes that its' too much to bear. As for Madhuri, she too is sensational,
except for her dress sense. Unless, she wears what she does because it's what
the audience demands from her, again and again, film after film.

MOVIE: And of the two, who do you think is better?
Pooja Bhatt: It's not fair to compare Madhuri to Sri, because Sri has a lead of
200 odd films. And with or without doing her homework, Sri had better be better
than the rest of us or she has no right to be here.

MOVIE: There seems to be a tinge of envy when you speak of Sri.
Pooja Bhatt: What rubbish, I admire her to the 'T'. But then the fact remains
that everybody would love to be in the No. 1 position. I for sure would be the
first one to admit this..."

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