Monday, 18 October 2010

Ka Boom!

One of the very few appearances Sridevi's made on television - the dancers/choreographers and judges Prabhudeva and Javed Jafferi dragged Sri out of self-imposed retirement in 2005. The  spectacular dance-off competition was stunning - no more so than their very special guest.

Sridevi made a rare appearance on the reality TV show Ka Boom as the finale judge. Not only the audience but the contestants were in awe of the actress appearing on a show for the first time ever.

Sridevi was kind and generous with praise to all and didn't have a one bad word to say to anyone. She also said she was a huge fan of both Prabhudeva and Javed Jafferi - and the guys humbly accepted the compliments from the diva of divas.

Both the hosts said some great things about Sridevi - see the clip of Sri with the  team here.

Dec 2005

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