Monday, 11 October 2010

Salman Khan

Salman Khan roped in Sridevi for two films, Chandramukhi [which Salman wrote as a children's film/fantasy] and Chand Ka Tukda. Both films were... unbearable! Awful films that Sri and Salman admitted garnered them maximum flak.

Hunting for the silver-lining, Salman and Sri had fun songs in the movies and of course they looked great... But beyond that, both films are highly missable!

Strangely, on the Sridevi Facebook fan page, we did find young people who liked Chandramukhi and fans from around the world who - on the sheer star power of the two - enjoyed watching Chand Ka Tukda.

Wish Khan and Sri would do a film now - a sensible one!

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  1. I like STAR wonderful Srdjevi I'm proud of my Srdivy