Saturday, 6 November 2010

Rakesh Shreshta

Bollywood's iconic photographer and portrait artist, Rakesh Shreshta, "I call Sri, mai. She is my favourite. I find her very talkative, child-like, and she can lose weight at the snap of a finger. Heroines who come to my studio get complexed because her pictures stare from all over. Her favourite picture to date is the MOVIE gold foil cover, where she is dressed in a gold drape. She adores it. Mine keeps changing, the latest I feel is the best."

The one man I envied the most throughout the late '80s and through the 1990s - photographer Rakesh Shreshta. He has shot Sridevi more than any other photographer and to visit his studio and go through the archive of images is an unfulfilled dream of mine!

Click on his tag below to see the images we have here of the shots he took of Sri. In fact, 95% of the pics in this blog are probably Rakesh's images. Bless him! He's the best!

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