Thursday, 30 December 2010

Hi! Blitz

The last of the superstars, she spun sexily in a blue chiffon sari in the rain for Mr India, and she fell in love with a man twice her age in Lamhe. When she waned out reel life for real life with producer Boney Kapoor, it blew the wind off Bollywood's sails. But the dazzling Sridevi, mother of two, has never looked more divine. Ex-superstar Sridevi, now supermom, chooses to make a come back with Hi!.

Photography by Jatin Kampani
Styling by Gavin Miguel
Text by Parizad Contractor
Wardrobe from Gavin Miguel, Valentino, Chanel (accessories), necklaces by Cypress.

The Goddess is Back
The Indian silver screen diva and mother of two refuses to look any older from her Chandni days. Read the exclusive conversation with Sridevi talking about her new-found fitness regime, kids and her doting husband. Hi! comes home charmed with the superstar supermom and superwoman! We also get the dope on what she hopes is going to be her next career move.

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