Thursday, 20 January 2011

Maqsad (1984)

This 1980s potboiler is not much of a movie... a refrain we've said often about Hindi films in that vainglorious decade. However, the main reason to watch it is the grand dance-off between Bollywood divas Sridevi and Jaya Prada - who were allegedly arch rivals.

Till date, Jaya Prada makes a little dig now and then against Sridevi. Sri, notoriously press-shy and confrontation-free, has rarely said a word against Jaya Prada. Cheers to her decorum!

Now in the film, there's the most incredible dance-off between Jaya or Sri.  The fierce dance ballet that the leading ladies do; Aajao Aajao Naagraja Tum Aajao is... incredible. Between the two, the palpable rivalry made the other better.  You can see the fire... Let's call it the 'healthy competition' between the grand Southern Belles of Indian cinema.

For our money's worth, Sridevi appears more graceful and Jaya, in her gaudy pink sari appears flashier. Sridevi isn't a trained dancer like Jaya Prada and yet, she can hold her own. To be fair, Jaya Prada was an incredibly beautiful actress and a fine dancer but... obviously as we are the comprehensive Sridevi fan site, our loyalties lie purely with the one and only Sridevi!

Watch the songs and dances from the film Maqsad... but, feel free to skip on the movie! Be warned, do keep the volume down as its a rather loud musical number sung with full-throated passion by the legendary Kishore Kumar.



  1. See it's not about who our loyalties lie with but on an honest note Sreedevi was lot better than Jaya Prada. In this dance number if you notice more attentively you'll find that Jaya Prada in an attempt to outshine Sree was missing some beats as she was "Over" energetic and fast. Her attempt to be superior was clearly evident in her dance. Sree on the other hand went with the flow and beats of the music focusing on getting the act right and not focusing on the"competition".