Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Sridevi rejects Indecent Proposals

April 1996, a tongue-in-cheek feature with Sridevi, Cine Blitz tries to tickle the funny bone of readers. Note how CB spells Sridevi's name as 'Sreedevi', aka the correct way! Clearly Sridevi was in a funny mood when she responded to these q's.

She's a damsel in distress! During one of those woman to woman talks with Sreedevi, the pretty actress confided, "I really want to get married. My sister Latha is screening hundreds of marriage proposals for me". But of course Sree has been rejecting them all on some pretext or other. Nobody seems to fit the ddescription of Mr.Right that she's always given us.

In fact, she's even asked us to find her a nice guy. We could gift wrap a nice Bon… oops, Burly Bear for her! But then what happens to the others?

CINE BLITZ sent 17 proposals to Sree. Read how she rejected them. For who's sake... don't we know!

BILL CLINTON - Hillary's doing a fine job of it!

SADDAM HUSSAIN - Mr. Saddam Hussain? Don't you know I'm shooting for "ARMY"? So I have an army to back me, do you still want to propose to me? I suggest you don't!

O.J.SIMPSON - All I'll say to that one is, I still love my life!

PRINCE CHARLES - Sure sir, but how about waiting till you're crowned King?

NARSHIMA RAO - I don't want to sing "Hawa Hawala Hawa Hawala". I've crossed that song in my career already!

RICHARD GERE - Well, yes, I do want to be a Pretty Woman but not Richard's!

ASHOK ROW KAVI - Now why would you want to peopose to a girl like me?

A MARRIED MAN - Pati, patni aur who, oh no, no, no!

ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER - As it is, people have reduced Sreedevi to Sree. Tell me now, how can I possibly tell my fans to call me Sreedevi Schwarzenegger? In fact, they might think I'm talking about some "nagar" in Madras!

NELSON MANDELA - It would be more interesting to join hands for a worthy cause instead of marriage.

SUPERMAN - I'm doing enough flying for my shoots from city to city anyway, I don't want to add to it.

SULTAN OF BRUNEI - I believe you've sent the proposal with diamonds and rubies. Thank you, I'll keep the diamonds and rubies and send the proposal back!

TARZAN - Aaaeee, aaaeee, aa!

MICHAEL JACKSON - Just tell me when and where! I love the guy and don't believe any of the rubbish people talk about him.

HINDI FILM SUPERSTAR - I'm very possessive. I want to be the only heroine in my husband's life and it arn't possible with a superstar is it?

MOGAMBO - Sreedevi khush nahi huee!

UNDERTAKER - I don't want to wrestle for the rest of my life!

CineBlitz, April, 1996

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