Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Vinod Khanna

Sridevi and Vinod Khanna in Chandni (1989). In the second half, as the more sophisticated and world-weary, chiffon-sari clad woman, Sridevi looked polished and perfect in the film. Easily one of her finest hours, her hour-glass figure showed off the most amazing saris.

Sridevi's most iconic title-role and film, the musical blockbuster CHANDNI (1989):

Sridevi: "I don't have any one favourite film but Chandni, Nagina and Mr India are my three absolute favourites. It's not very often that a character you play is like you. To an extent Chandni is. The character of a small town girl who, with the passage of time and because of her experiences in the city, becomes a woman who can handle her own life is like me. Except in Chandni, Rishi gets out of the woman's life, but no man went out of my life. (Laughs). With Yash Chopra, making a film is a pleasure. It's like picnic ke liye aaye hain aur kaam karte karte ho jaata hai. He is so smart, in one day, he cans 20 shots. But nobody minds it, he is great fun."

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