Saturday, 2 April 2011

Baaje Payal

God bless 'halimali' for uploading Baaje Payal. When Sridevi appeared on this tv show, Aasha Parekh, the producer of the show, landed a major coup, a television first; the appearance of the Queen of Indian cinema on the small screen!

Famously media-shy Sridevi hadn't done a television interview in years (if ever...) until then and she had said no to Karan Johar, Simi Garewal, Vir Sanghvi and a host of other top notch shows. I think it was the dance factor and the respect senior actress Aasha Parekh has garnered that made Sridevi finally say yes. Jaya Bhadhuri-Bachchan is the narrator in the show here. Sridevi, looks splendid. Shot on the sets of either Chand Ka Tukda or Chandramukhi I believe.

Sridevi on Baaje Payal 1

Sridevi on Baaje Payal 2

Sridevi on Baaje Payal 3

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