Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Caught! Anil and Sridevi in Diamond Heist

Pre- Roop Ki Rani Choron Ka Raja release, one of the many features that ran in various magazines. This one's from Cine Blitz.

Some notes from the article, which was mostly filled with images and quotes from director Satish Kaushik;

Satish points out, "The ostrich feathers in her [Sridevi's] headgear were flown in from Australia by designer Neeta Lulla." Sreedevi's entire outfit is made of heavy metal and she wore it continuously for 35 days. Her outfit alone cost around Rs. 40,000...

...Sreedevi is a thief [in the film] out to rob the rich guests at the party. "She had five dress changes in this song sequence, which consumed a lot of time. Beside, I had to concentrate on lighting up the entire set properly. One has to exploit the costumes, the sets and the actors." Satish explains.

"Anil disguised as Prince Singh Batata of Matunga and Sreedevi as Princess Chai Mein Chinni of Chinchpokli. Each are out to steal a diamond studded statue. Sreedevi took almost four hours to put on her makeup done by the noted Mickey Contractor. For several days, she used cello tape to pull her eye lids back for that chinky look. As a result she had black marks near her eyes for nearly a month!" - Satish

The most controversial song, having pictured it, the excited Kapoors screened it for all and sundry. Apparently, the style was copied in Brashtachar, Khuda Gawah and Police Officer. Says an excited Satish, "Mr Bachchan sent Sreedevi a truck of flowers. To me, he sent two photographs and a letter which read, 'I'm a struggler in the industry  When will I get the opportunity to work with a director like you?' signed Amitabh Bachchan."

Feature by Keith D'Costa

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