Saturday, 21 May 2011

Shock, Rattle and Roll

Life can be flabbergasting, so say prominent stars when quizzed about what amazes them most.

Blame it on the startling images, body lingo and free talkin' heard in the Hollywood movies, STar TV, V channel... whatever. Or blame it on the trying times. After riots, conflagrations and blasts, nothing could detonate our senses. As Pooja Bhatt puts it, "So much has happened that I'm shock proof."

Striking a more personal note, Hema Malini states, "Everything shocks me but I can't talk about private matters. If I did, I’d be very embarrassed."

Ten film personalities were polled on what shakes and stirs them:


I'm shocked by poverty! I know it's there but whenever I come face to fact with it, I cannot understand why life has to be this way. When I'm in Madras, I try my best to help orphaned children, the blind and those affected by polio. I vist them regularly, I ensure that they have food to eat. The plight of small helpless children is heart wrenching.

I love children. Many of the kids I meet are very little or mentally retarded. They don't know who I am. Some of the older ones do recognise me but I'm not a star when I visit them. They talk to me about my films, they point out the ones they liked and the ones they've detested.

After spending time with the kids, I can't help feeling depressed. Because I can't really do much for them.. the problem is so enormous.

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