Saturday, 18 June 2011

200,000 views of... Sridevi

Its been 9 months and it's time for... well, a pregnant pause to consider how quickly this blog has had over 200,000 viewers. WOW! Thank you all, esp fans of the greatest Indian actress of ALL time, Sridevi.

Please spread the good word of this site, the most comprehensive Sridevi fan site/blog online. Many thanks to contributors, especially those on the Sridevi facebook page (its a fan page, the actress Sridevi is NOT online - as we repeatedly post on twitter / facebook / blog). Special note of thanks to my bud Salman Naseer Ahmad, who launched the Sridevi fan page on FB!

I launched the Sridevi yahoo fan group back in August 2000, but the reach of the group was never as big as its been with FB and blogger.

As Sridevi confirms her comeback in films with English Vinglish, we suspect a major spike in viewer-ship on all the platforms. Hopefully the world will wake up to re-recognise the legend that is Sridevi.

Sridevi fans unite!
Sridevi fans zindabaad! =0)

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