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Famous Fans

Unlike very many of the current stars, Sridevi has a fan following within the industry itself. Even her contemporaries like Rekha, Jeetendra, and later on Juhi Chawla, Kajol and so on, all have professed their admiration for superstar Sridevi. Here, we're compiling a list of quotes and sources on Sridevi's famous fan club. This list is an ever-growing one as actors and actresses of this new generation state Sridevi is their all-time favourite.

"Sridevi is a legend. She is like my second mom. She did films like Sadma and Chaalbaz at the same time. That shows the kind of variety she offers. She balanced her career with commercial and critically acclaimed films. She is my god!"
-- Sonam Kapoor
Idlebrain.com, October, 2007

"Sridevi is amazing. The on-screen chemistry between her and my father is amazing. She is my second mom - an amazing person."
- Sonam Kapoor
Indiainteracts.com, October, 2007

"Sridevi was superb while playing the twin sisters, Anju and Manju in
Chaalbaaz. I like her as Chandni in Chandni also, but in Chaalbaaz, she had a double-dynamic to a role. I doubt if any of our existing actresses would be able to pull off such a class act."
-- Shilpa Shetty
The Tribune

"Madhuri dances with anyone, she's been a neutral person from the start. Now Sridevi was different. She used to fight for my dates..."
-- Saroj Khan
IndiaTimes Movies, Nov, 2007

"I remember even dancers like Vyjyantimala and Waheeda Rehmaan used to closely pay attention to what their choreographers used to teach them. The urge to learn is not seen today. No one can be compared to the likes of Madhuri and Sridevi when it comes to dancing to date..."
-- Saroj Khan (Choreographer)
IndiaTimes Movies, Nov, 2007

"In my adolescent brain only that registered; Sridevi. Especially in Mr India. I loved her in it.
-- Tanisha Mukherjee (ie Kajol's younger sister)
The Sunday Tribune, Oct, 2003

"I love Sridevi because she was one actress who could overshadow her heroes on the screen. If I can achieve even 10 per cent of what Sridevi achieved, I will be happy." -- Sanjana (Actress)
Entertainment, April, 2004

"I've always been a die-hard fan of Yashji and Sridevi. It would be wonderful if a role that resembles the one played by Sridevi in Sadma, is directed by Yashji.
-- Sangeeta Ghosh (TV star)
The Times of India, June, 2003

"I'm a big fan of Sridevi. I met Boney Kapoor and Sridevi. I nearly fainted when she congratulated me. Her daughters love me. They are such beautiful kids. They had come to me for a byte for their school project which I gave happily.
-- Rakhi Saawant
Santababa.com, Nov, 2007

"I remember sitting with Yash Chopra in his bungalow after Judaai was released. Sridevi was in hospital having just delivered her first-born. I remember Mr Chopra urging Sri to come put of marital
retirement. 'I'll personally design a whole film for you. Just come back.' I overheard him say."
-- Film writer Subash K Jha
The Times of India, December, 2007

"I have been a fan of Sridevi and playing her husband was a big feather in my cap. Initially I thought she would have Bollywood star tantrums and attitude but she is nothing of that sort. She is extremely mischievous and the soul of our serial.
The Times of India, Jan, 2004

Malini Iyer is very close to me as it is something that I have always wanted to do. My criteria while selecting a role is to identify a perfect story line. I did not make an exception for Malini Iyer. I knew the star of the serial will be Sridevi but when the producer offered me this interesting role, I accepted it.
- Mahesh Thakur
Chandigarh India, March, 2004

Star Trivia
Urmila's film debut as an adult: N.Chandra's Narsimha opposite Ravi Behl
She has never trained as a dancer
Apart from Lux soap, Urmila has never endorsed any product
Actors she idolises: Amitabh Bachchan, Rekha, Sridevi.
...from Understanding Urmila's oeuvre at www.bollywoodworld.com

"I don't know what I'd do if I failed. I want to act like Sridevi or Kajol and do only performance-oriented roles,"
-- Rimi Sen (Star of the film Dhoom, Hungama)
From Bollywoodworld.com

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