Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Jawab Hum Denge (1986)

One of the few films Sridevi did with Jackie Shroff, Jawab Hum Denge (1986). Movie was ok, the songs Hairaan hoon main aapke zulfon and Jab jab miya biwi mein were hits on the charts in the 80s. Sridevi's insouciance is undeniable in the cheeky Teri Ankh Mastani hai.

And yet another wet blue sari-clad song for Sridevi. Aaah Bollywood, always trying to create, replicate and reiterate a forumla! Shame it didn't work with this film. The two superstars of the 1980s look really good together but rarely did films together. Pity.


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