Saturday, 11 February 2012

Close encounters of the Fan kind

We put this up on Facebook, giving an opportunity to true, life-long, hardcore Sridevi fans, the chance to ask the most reticent superstar of our time, anything they like. Some of the questions for Sridevi were presented to her via Boney Kapoor BSK on twitter. The answers we got and the notes we got are here:

Shreedhar Iyengar
Being Tamizh, I have always wondered why she completely stopped working in Tamizh movies after the mid-80s. I know she was super busy in Bollywood, but she did take time out to do some Telugu movies till the 90s, but why no Tamizh ones? And would she do a Tamizh movie now, if she was offered a really good role? - That is my question.
SRIDEVI: I'm always open to any type of movies I just need the right script.

Sameer Soni
How did she feel when she missed 2 of her film-fare awards consecutively for 2 years in year 1986 & 1987 for Nagina and Mr.India ?(When filmfare didn't happen in those years)
SRIDEVI: it feels great to receive an award but the biggest reward is your fan accepting your work. It was an unfortunate situation

Satyarth Nayak
Is she looking at any new scripts post English Vinglish? What's exactly happening with Mr. India 2? Which current directors would she like to work with?
Siwita Hayati
My question: Will you continue to do more movies after English Vinglish? I really really hope she does, she is my most favorite actress! Sridevi jee, what do you think of the current actresses and actors, and what are the recent movies that you have seen and which one did you like?

SRIDEVI: yes I am looking at new scripts right now I like Imitiaz Ali I think Rockstar was a fantastic movie

Sudesh Nagvekar
My question would be Why did she refuse Steven Spielberg's film in the early 90s?
SRIDEVI: it came at the wrong time

Diehardfanof Sridevi
We all want to see you again work with Yash Chopra in a lead role. When can we expect that news ? It seems Yash Chopra offered you a tailor made role for a comeback, why didn't that materialize ?
SRIDEVI: I would love to work with Yashji again he's one of the best we have in Bollywood. Unfortunately Yash uncle doesn't make too many films. maybe something with YRF in the future.

Do your daughters speak Telugu and Tamil ?
SRIDEVI: the elder one do but they younger one is still trying

I often read that you regularly buy fish at Lokhandwala Fish Market in Mumbai. Is that true? If yes, how would the crowd react when you visit ?
SRIDEVI: you can't always believe everything you read in the media unless they have proof. Whenever I do go out to public places my fans are just amazing they get excited to see me but at the same time they respect my space which I truly love about them

Salman Naseer Ahmad
Has Sriji has seen Facebook book page and what does she think about it?
SRIDEVI: I didn't get a chance to see the Facebook page as yet but I will look into it very soon. My husband showed me the twitter page and I was amazed it felt like I was updating it myself. Thank you for all the love

Thanks everyone for your question sorry I couldn't answer all but I'll try to answer more in the future Boney will let everyone know when I will be coming online to answer question.@SrideviKapoor and to all my fans thank you for all your support and love. Goodnight

Debraj Dutta
With changing times do you feel that you need to interact more with the media and your fans?

Afsaneh Yousefi
I am from Iran, I think about Sri all my life, I came to India only for her, I said to my God, "Please Sridevi again act in Bollywood and I pray inshaallah one day dance with her in Bollywood. I really love Sridevi. I want ask from her how much i am important for her when i love her and she is all my love? Will she be happy when see me?

UPDATE: All the above answers are, tragically not from Sridevi nor Boney Kapoor. A fake Boney Kapoor twitter account - which has now been closed -  answered the questions. And we were all royally duped. We filed a report against the faker who answered questions on behalf of Boney Kapoor - even though he had nothing to do with Mr Kapoor. The horrendous person - and truly horrible man - was also tweeting during the untimely and tragic death of Mona Kapoor. The fake account has closed and we hope the faker gets karmic whiplash for his fraudulent account and actions.


  1. Hi my question to ma'am is...

    If in future she and madhuri get a chance to work with one another, will Sri ma'am agree to work together.?

  2. Hi Sridevi, how are you?, i am a great fan of yours and would like to meet you. I love bollywood films and i watch all them. I love dancing and i wish to get into a bollywood career.

    My Questions?
    1. Who is your all time favourite co-actor you liked to work with?
    2. Are you coming back into bollywood career again?
    3. Out of all the films you acted in, which is your favourite and why?

  3. I know Sri Devi and Hema Malini did act in one movie...they can play a mother daughter role....the two can definitely pass as mother and daughter.......I would love to see the two together in a movie

  4. Does Sridevi know that we are fighting for a Padma Award for her?

  5. Hi Sridevi, How are you? I visited you in your Chennai home in 1986. I have some photos with your Mother and father. where can I mail them to you.?

  6. Hi Sridevi.. I am one of your biggest fans.. well moving on, I really loved your work down south, your acting in these movies was real, most natural, would you do a movie with likes of vishal bhardwaj, madhur bhandarkar who make quite hard hitting movies? Love always ... ketan :)

  7. So happy to see this particular post! What a joy for us ardent fans to communicate with the Devi Herself!! I have (like so many others) a directorial suggestion for the lovely Mrs Kapoor; that is: I would love to see her (in the lead role, of course) in a movie directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali! My mind "reels" when I think about that artistic & professional combination, but it would have to be a good role and a challenging script, worthy of such talent as our Devi possesses...can only hope and wish her Good Luck (it´s already good luck for us fans that Srideviji is back in the movie-business) in her continuing career.

    Best Wishes (and beyond)
    /Khargosh Agha

  8. Madam,

    Do u have any plans of visiting San Francisco in the near future?

  9. Sridevi you are best actress ... waiting to see u back wd English Vinglish.. please keep cuming back such good sensible cimema.. you need to do more films that will be a delight watching you . I recommend to make " Devil wears parda " in hindi , you will fit in to the Miranda's role so beautiful and it will be fantastic moment to watch you in such powerful role....

  10. Would she consider taking up parallel/art cinema seriously and regularly in contemporary times? It seems there will be a lot of scope for her acting skills (e.g Sadma) in that genre.

  11. Hi SRI Ji, I am a big fan of you, u r ICONIC, Living Legend. I wish you all the very best for your 2nd Inning of Film Carrier.


  12. Hi Sridevi ji..I am one of your biggest fan..I used to make your sketches and paintings as a child.According to me you are the best Indian Actress Ever.Best wishes