Saturday, 11 February 2012

Sridevi via Boney Kapoor tweets?

Ok, I'm about to have a geeky fan pass out moment. We think, we're not sure, but we think, the, THE Sridevi has seen this comprehensive Sridevi blog and the twitter account. If it is true, I'm about... to... FAINT! Pass out. And maybe die happy!

We've seen a few tweets, and, our heart stopped a little, tweets from a Boney Kapoor account. We don't know how to verify it, we don't know if its true, but it sounds real... and the following messages took our breath away, from the twitter handle of Boney Kapoor BSK;

Have such amazing fans. Good job @SrideviKapoor it feels like I'm updating it myself. If I do decide to join it will be because of you guys

Every interview I'm asked if I will be joining twitter the truth is I'm not sure myself with Boney on I'll take a peek n decide if I should.

@SrideviKapoor my wife will be on here tomorrow around this time to answer a couple of questions if u have a question for her start tweeting

UPDATE: Its with great sadness to report that the Boney Kapoor BSK twitter account was faek - and its no longer up online. Whoever did the fake site, karma is going to give you a huge slap - and it ain't going to be pretty.

We have a feeling we know WHICH LOSER made the fake site for his own self-promotion, but we aren't going to join the gutter like that twat. If it wasn't for Boney Kapoor's own daughter stating that her father was NOT on twitter, the charlatan would have continued for God knows how long.

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