Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Justice Choudhury (1983)

Sridevi and Jeetendra in one of the many hits they did together, Justice Choudhury (1983). From the song 'Mama miya!'

Jeetendra in a chat with Mid-day spoke fondly of Sridevi:

...Remember the vigorous dance moves of Jeetendra-Sridevi in songs like Taaki Oh Taaki, Nainon Main Sapna, Ek Aankh Maroon Tho, Mamma Mia etc. In a recent interview, Jeetendra told: "Sri was a natural dancer, while I had to rehearse a zillion times to get the moves right. It was a little embarrassing as Sri used to get her steps right at a single take. Any other star would have made his co-actor rehearse with an assistant, but Sri never complained and practiced with me till I got it right. Such was her sense of commitment, humility and discipline."

It's no wonder that those songs are such fun till date!

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