Saturday, 14 April 2012

Dancing Diva

It's comical to anyone who is a genuine fan of Hindi/Indian cinema when the current lot in film media praise the most average dancers/actresses of being 'the greatest' of any kind. It's like they have no recollection of the myriad performances that Sridevi's done over the years, her versatility, her grace, her expressions, her elegance, all forgotten so quickly to make headlines and silly soundbytes. The hyperbola used makes us cringe! You don't even have to do 'research', just scroll back a bit to see the vast achievements of Sridevi - compare that to the mediocrity out there today and get a reality check!

We take solace in the fact that Sriji will be vindicated in time, and honoured in due course. Until then...

Here are some glimpses of Sridevi's vast dance repertoire. Don't forget to read Sridevi's Top Ten Dances here.

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