Monday, 14 May 2012

All a'twitter

Aamir Khan, Sridevi trending on Twitter

Monday, May 14th 2012

Mumbai, May 14 -- Aamir Khan's television show Satyamev Jayate, whose second episode was aired yesterday, became the topmost trending topic on the social networking site, Twitter. The episode, which addressed child sex abuse (CSA) got even celebrities voicing their opinion. A tweet from Vishal Dadlani read, "Aamir focusses on #childsexabuse today, so India does. And tomorrow? India, in it's "greatness", forgets, moves on? Don't let that happen! (sic) ) And not just CSA, but even Sridevi, who made an appearance on the show seemed to be trending on the site. A tweet from @lindsaypereira read, "Soon, all government policy will be based on the opinions of our intelligent Bollywood stars. Many thanks, Aamir and Sridevi. (sic)"

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