Friday, 20 July 2012

Sridevi to unleash her magic

The recent trailer of Sridevi’s English Vinglish has caught everyone’s attention due to its uniqueness. In the trailer, the actor reads a poster, “Film Certification Board”, in English and tries to translate it in Hindi which sounds quite funny. For example when she reads “After the examination of the film by the members of the examining committee,” Sridevi says, “Arre film ko bhi exam dena padta hai? Aur pass ho gaye to laddoo!

Tollywood big wigs talk about the teenager with thunder thighs who conquered Telugu films, moved onto to dazzle Bollywood and now comes back to captivate the audience with English Vinglish. They reveal why this female superstar continues to remain in demand. The uniqueness of the trailer perhaps lies in Sridevi’s charm. Tollywood producer K.L. Narayana, who made Kshana Kshanam with her in 1991 says, “When I did the film with her, she was already a big star. But she never behaved like one. She is the perfect professional.” Speaking about the trailer of English Vinglish, Narayana says, “She still looks so young. People can never get enough of her.”

Sridevi, wearing a red sari and carrying a handbag, walks across the screen and spells out, “English Vinglish (Hindi)” and comments, “Hindi movie ka naam English? Naya style hoga,” while chuckling in her trademark style. Producer D. Ramanaidu, who has done various films with the veteran actor, says, “All the films she has worked with me till date were hits. One of them being Tohfa. She is one of the few bankable stars with whom things can never go wrong.”

A source close to Chiranjeevi, who shared screen space with Sridevi in the blockbuster Jagadeka Veerudu Athiloka Sundari, feels that her charm is intact. “Stardom is temporary but talent is permanent and Sridevi is bestowed with abundant talent. She made Telugus proud with her performances in B-town after leaving her mark in Telugu and Tamil films. She is a great learner, hard-working and disciplined, qualities which should be imbibed by actresses of the new generation,” he adds.

“I haven’t seen the trailer but I think she is a fantastic actress. Although she is making a comeback, we are not sure what kind of roles to look for her. However, if she wants to play the female lead, her choices may be limited but if she wants to do some special characters, then she will have loads of offers. I don’t compare her with new generation actresses; but Sridevi was one of the best of her times,” says producer Suresh Babu.

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