Friday, 3 August 2012

English Vinglish (2012)

Well, the images from English Vinglish have hit the web and how! All these are found online from various sources and our joy has no bounds.

We would like the fans of Sridevi to pledge allegiance to her serene divinity (hyperbola much?! - work with me folks!); firstly, buy only the original tapes and CDs when the official album of English Vinglish is out. Do not download them illegally online.

Secondly, when the movie is out on Sept 21, please go to the cinema halls and watch on the big screen. India's national treasure - ie Sridevi - was meant to be seen on the big screen; not on pirated tapes, illegal downloads nor on TV.

As the industry has changed so much since Sridevi's last big release nearly 15 years ago, it is of great significance that ticket sales on opening weekend reflect that there indeed is a vast interest and curiosity in watching one of India's greatest actresses of ALL time, do what she does best; act.

In an industry littered with former beauty queens and model -turned-cardboards in motion, it is time generation next gets schooled on what a performance is like. No disrespect intended to the current crop - ok, maybe a littl' - but, as someone online mentioned, while viewing the first look of English Vinglish, only Sri can act with her back! While spoken in mirth, there is indeed matter in that zinger.

As we've mentioned many times before, even in the glut of the '80s, where there was so much drivel being churned out by Bollywood, Hindi cinema is punctuated with finely tuned performances by Sridevi in flashes and sparks of absolute brilliance. She is indeed the only pan-Indian superstar, the last empress of cinema.

Sept 21. Mark it folks!

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