Friday, 3 August 2012

Filmfare, August 2012

Have been stalking our local vendor and begged hi to ring the second the latest Filmfare mag arrives in store. One of Sridevi's most spectacular shoots, goes without saying, ever Sri fan must, MUST get a copy (if not two!) of Filmfare, August 2012 issue.

Some memorable Sridevi quotes;

"I could shop around if I disguised myself. But then I would miss the high of being recognised as a star. Ah well. I guess one can't have everything" - Sridevi (1996)

"The studios, camera and clapper boards have been my true friends. I have always felt that you should thoroughly enjoy what you do, otherwise it is pack up time" - Sridevi (1995)

"When my father died in real life, there were no dramatics. There was just numbness. But when a father dies in films, I have to cry and cry till my eyes hurt" - Sridevi (1995)

"I value sincerity and loyalty. I will lavish my man with all my love... main usse apne pyaar mein dooba doongi [I'll drown him with my love]. I am insanely possessive" - Sridevi (1995)

"Where are the rivals? There can be rivalry only between two equals. My only rival at the moment is Sridevi. I'm constantly trying to upstage her... I'm doing it to the point of obsession" - Sridevi (1990)

UPDATE: (last pic!) Behind the scenes look. Makeup artist to the stars (well, Bollywood stars!) Aussie fella' Daniel Bauer posted this cute pic of him and Sridevi on set. She's adorable 24/7! From
Make-up artist Daniel Bauer with Bollywood legend Sridevi

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