Saturday, 3 November 2012

Fans Fight against Pirated Prints of English Vinglish

Gauri Shinde and Sridevi flanked by fans
The idea originates from Rajnikanth fans. In fact, the entire Southern film industry. When film piracy got out of whack, with camera prints, fake video-cassettes and DVDs hitting the market within days, if not hours of a film's release, fans of Rajnikanth took the initiative to clamp down on pirated prints of his movies. An insidious industry that's choking the creative arts, fans took action and, currently, the Tamil film industry has the least amount of piracy. A daily, on-going war waged by fans for their screen idol. 

One can go at length about the nefarious practices of illegal downloading, buying pirated copies of movies and so on, but like, the movie English Vinglish, we aren't too preachy... but want to get the message across!

Fans on Sridevi's facebook fanclub - a long-running site run by fans for fans for years now - took the initiative to clamp down on web sites that were illegally hosting the film English Vinglish online.

We - and I speak for all of us - have been messaging producer R Balki and writer/director Gauri Shinde, for the past several weeks and informing them of the web sites that are in one manner or another affecting legit sales of movie tickets - and future sales of the original DVDs.

There are purely selfish reasons for us Sridevi fans (some captured above). As Sridevi had said earlier, her interest in appearing on screen again is proportional to the audience response to her comeback. Ipso facto, we fans want to insure that EV gets as close to the 100 crore mark - as we desperately want to see Sridevi - the greatest Indian actress of our time - on screen again.

As R Bali had said, Sridevi was born to act. If not make laddoos!

If you see any web site which is advertising/selling/torrent sharing/file sharing or actively sharing English Vinglish the film, pls feel free to contact us here.

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