Thursday, 27 December 2012

And the winner is...

It was a magical, memorable night 22 years ago, when Amitabh Bachchan announced, quiet simply, in his rich baritone, "It's Sridevi for Chaalbaaz."

The year was 1990, and a pink kanjeevaram-sari clad Sridevi, in competition with herself (with a double-whammy of nominations for Chandni and Chaalbaaz, both of which were released in 1989), shyly walked up to the stage as the entire Hindi film industry applauded. If you remember the clip that was telecast back in the day, a perm-coiffed Rekha sat at the front row and clapped as Sri strode by. Though she was the reigning, undisputed Queen of the marquee, Sridevi was looking down almost all the way to the stage as she went to collect the Filmfare trophy from Big B. Her on-screen persona of the effervescent diva bedeviled viewers as Sridevi the person was, and remains, painfully shy. The perpetual wonder of an off-screen kitten, and on-screen tigress - the real life double role that she plays so exceptionally well.

Sridevi has said in an interview, it was her most memorable award - a career speckled with lavish praise and accolades. Not just because it was her first Filmfare for a role in a Hindi film (she's won before for Tamil movies), but because she was told she would never make it in Bollywood by an (insecure!) actress and she herself thought, she'd "give it a go" but if she failed in Bollywood, would be ok with it. Not only did Sridevi 'make it', she conquered Bollywood in the 80s.

As she's sure to be nominated for English Vinglish, will it be a night of repeats? Will they ask Big B to do the honours yet again? Can't wait for Feb 2013 as Filmfare award show airs. Until then, we have this picture to look at again. And again.

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