Friday, 4 January 2013

‘I will be upset with Gauri Shinde if she makes her next without me’

Sridevi on her comeback to Bollywood with ‘English Vinglish’ and reveals her plans for the future.

After 15 years of break from films Sridevi made a comeback with ‘English Vinglish’ and she plans to stay here now. Her film is now going to rake in the moollah on the small screen by making the world premiere on Zee Network.

“I am very happy about my film ‘English Vinglish’ being aired on Zee. The changes brought in the FilmSpot are surprising. After the stupendous success of ‘EV’ now the film is set to premiere worldwide. This makes me feel excited. My husband has liked the movie. He is the same, his attitude has not changed and he is an emotional person, his love and respect for a woman has always ranked high. But with this film I am a sure husbands, who thought differently about their wives, their attitude has changed a lot. As so many friends and kids have come and expressed their positive views about a mother like me on reel.”

She goes on to add, “We are looking forward to remake ‘Mr India’ but ‘No Entry’ will come first. I am happy that Anil Kapoor praises about my acting. These praiseworthy words coming from a sincere, dedicated and a meticulous actor like him makes me feel great. If the script permits a role for both of us, why not? I will like to work with him. At the moment everything is on the scripting level, so nothing can be confirmed.”

Enjoying her free time she says, “There are so many things for me to do during my leisure hours. Being a mother, a wife and daughter-in law I have various duties to fulfill. I do not chalk out as to what I have to do while I am free for a while I sometime spend time with my kids and we discuss so many things. I also like to take my daughters along with me. We share a very good rapport. Now, since my film ‘English Vinglish’ has released I take them with me on the events too but this does not mean that I am promoting her. She has a long life ahead of her and right now she is busy completing her studies. Also while I am free I like to read books.”

She says,”I am looking forward to a happening 2013. Now, since I have made it up onto the celluloid after a gap of 15 years I am very happy. It took me to make up my mind to be able to work again on the silver screen. I am looking forward to work in South as well as Hindi films. How can I not opt for Southern film as I started my career from the South? Given a chance I will strike a balance doing both Hindi and South films. There will be no clash, as I am not going to take up many films .I will surely strike a balance between both Hindi as well as South films. Holding her breath for a while she says, “I will be 100 per cent jealous if Gauri Shinde does her next film with any other heroine. I will not allow her to do a film without me.”

“I am going to spend the New Year holidays with my family and kids. I will be going to the South for some time. I am always there in Hyderabad and Tamil Nadu most of my holidays so this time since my film ‘English Vinglish’ is premiering on Zee television we will all watch the film on our television set. My cooks will also watch the film along with me,”adds Sridevi.

by Lipika Varma
From The Free Press Journal

Sridevi with Gauri Shinde

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