Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Rediff: English Vinglish is a "perfect film"

It isn't often that I get to make a top 10 list of good films.
Most years, there are four or five good Hindi films.
Sometimes I add a few more on, with a caveat. The year 2012, on the other hand, has offered up several shards of cinematic joy, and it is a year that may well prove to be a milestone in modern Hindi cinema. Or so one hopes.
All 10 films listed here may not necessarily be perfect (though the ones at the top come dashed close) but each of them gets certain things very right indeed. And are well worth smiling at.


Girl power hit a new high with Gauri Shinde's directorial debut.

The trailers promised us hardly anything save for a Mind Your Language takeoff, but boy, were we surprised.

A simple film about a laddoo-making entrepreneur forced to double up as a housewife, this happens also to be a sharp commentary on the way we talk down to those unskilled in English.

All Shashi, played fantastically by Sridevi, does through the film is take an English-language course, but Shinde makes sure every little triumph counts like a major one, and the film -- sensitively and smartly -- emerges immaculately balanced.

A perfect film, and possibly the definitive what-to-watch-with-Ma movie for our generation.

From Rediff
Raja Sen in Mumbai

FYI #1 was Shanghai.

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