Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Kamal Haasan with Sridevi again?


Kamal Haasan is penning a film script for his former co-star Sridevi that could pair up the actors once again

The 1983 film Sadma was one of Sridevi’s and her co-star Kamal Haasan’s most memorable films of their career. And looks like history could soon repeat itself.

Sources say that after three decades, Haasan is writing a film script that could star him and Sri once again. A source says, “Filmmakers along the years have wanted to cast them together. Unfortunately, it never worked out. After Sri made her comeback, Kamal has now taken things into his own hands.”

Haasan confirms the buzz and states, “Yes, I want to work with Sridevi. I’m writing a script for her, so that both of us can act in the film.”

And incidentally, Sri already knows of Haasan’s plans. A friend of the actress says, “She knows about this script. In fact when Kamal was in Mumbai recently, he had informed Sridevi about it. The actress is looking forward to the film.”

In an interview with a TV channel, Haasan said that he had been offered a guest-spot in a film with Sridevi not long ago but he rejected the offer as he wanted to do a full fledged film with his former co-star. Though many believe its Jeetendra or Anil Kapoor who did maximum number of films with Sridevi, they are wrong; as Sridevi has been paired with Kamal Haasan more than any other actor in India, having acted together in Tamil, Malayalam and Hindi films together.

February 14, 2013 

Kamal Haasan on Sridevi, " I think with Sridevi, I know it sounds silly and out of place to say that, it was almost like a sibling kind of thing. I'm sure that I'm breaking the hearts of many who saw both of us as a great romantic pair. But we were on a job and it's like a sibling kind of a bond. I used to tease her lot, she was very young when she came in and she was scared of so many things. I took advantage of everything and scared the hell out of her. But it was a great relationship we had, nobody knows what kind of a relationship Sridevi and I have. She calls me sir, which is very strange for the number of films we've done. We did about 27 films and we never got to be great friends, we were always professionals."

See clip of Kamal Haasan talking about Sridevi here.

From Bollywood Hungama:

Kamal Haasan to team up with Sridevi again

By Bollywood Hungama News Network, February 14, 2013 - 11:50 hrs IST
Kamal Haasan may have faced truck load of problems during the release of his last film Vishwaroopam, but now that the film has finally released, we hear that Kamal has already decided to start work on his next project. In fact, the multi-talented actor is working on a film script for his former co-star Sridevi.

Kamal and Sridevi were last seen together in 1983 hit Sadma. Though there have been multiple attempts to cast the duo together since, nothing really worked out. But now with Sridevi making a strong comeback in films with English Vinglish, Kamal has plans to team up with her again.

Confirming that the scripting process is already on, Kamal states that he has always wanted to work with Sridevi again, hence he is writing a script for her, so that both of them can act in the film.


  1. This is great news for all Sridevi-Kamal fans like me. They made a lovely pair on screen in Tamil films and had great chemistry. It's a mystery why they didn't act together after Sadma. I was really heartbroken when they stopped acting together. Sri & Kamal are both my childhood favourites. Some of the gems they have acted in are Mundru Mudichu, 16 Vayadinile, Vazhve Mayam, Meendum Kokila, Guru, Moondram Pirai, Sevapu Rojakal.

    Now that Kamal has penned a script for Sridevi, I would love to see both of them together in a Tamil film. Thanks Kamal, for taking the initiative :)

  2. I am also very happy and thrilled after knowing that Kamal and Sri pairing once again. I am very eager to watch it