Thursday, 14 March 2013


Sridevi and Jeetendra in Himmatwala (1983)
Sridevi, who acted in the original film, said in an interview that Himmatwala shouldn't be remade as it is not a Mughal-E-Azam.

Sridevi became a star because of Himmatwala. I think that Himmatwala is no less than Mughal-E-Azam for her.
At the same time, it is her point of view and she has every right to say what she feels about the remake. 

Did you speak to Jeetendra or Sridevi before you started shooting?
I personally don't know Sridevi so I didn't speak with her. I had a word with Jeetuji i(Jeetendra) two days before I started shooting the film. He was glad to know that I'm directing the film and said that I was the right person to make the film because, according to him, I understand this genre very well. He also blessed me.


NOTE: We hope Sridevi and Jeetendra make a cameo in the film.... would be great to see the original stars....

UPDATE: Neither Sridevi nor Jeetendra have a cameo in the film HIMMATWALA, which has consistently bad reviews and lower-than-expected box office results so far. But lets see... Sajid Khan's had unprecedented good luck with the box-office so you never know!

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