Sunday, 28 April 2013

English Vinglish Quote

"Meera… Kevin… This marriage is a beautiful thing. It is a most special friendship, friendship of two people who are equal. Life is a long journey, Meera, sometimes… you will feel you are less, Kevin sometimes, you will also feel that you are less than Meera. Try to help each other, to feel equal, it will be nice. Sometimes, married couple don’t even know how the other is feeling. So, how they will help the other? Does it mean marriage is over? No. That is the time you have to help yourself. Nobody can help you better than you, if you do that, you will return back feeling equal, your friendship will return back, your life will be beautiful. 

Meera… Kevin… Maybe you all very busy, but, have family, son, daughter. In this big world, your small little world, it will make you feel so good. Family… family can never be… never be, umm.. never be judgmental, family will never put you down, will never make you feel… small. Family is the only one who will never laugh at your weaknesses, family is the only place, where you always get love and respect. That’s all Meera and Kevin, I wish you all the best. Thank you."
 -- Sridevi as Shashi in English Vinglish.

By the time those words were uttered in the grand finale of the film, there wasn't a dry eye in the audience. A tour de force delivered with such supreme elegance, this gem of a movie's crowning moment was that last speech. We bought the dvd(s!), just to watch the performance of the year, especially as Sridevi just killed it, just slayed scene after scene with her refined and honed to perfection, class-act. As writer/critic Shobhaa De aptly tweeted, there were only two performances of merit in the year 2012; Sridevi and Paresh Rawal. The others... well, sponsored stars.


  1. I am sorry to hear of the passing of Sridevi in Dubai today of a heart attack. May she rest in peace.