Monday, 29 April 2013

Solva Saawan Again...

Its hard to believe how quickly time flies; Sridevi's eldest daughter is now 16. When Sridevi was 16, she had pretty much segued into leading actress status, having established herself as a rare talent even as a precocious child star. Unlike many others, be it in India or the west, Sridevi's one of the few who transitioned beautifully from cherubic moppet to true-blue movie star.

As we refer to Sridevi's three on-screen phases so far; the age of innocence, the age of confidence and the age of excellence. Her decades in cinema can be pigeon-holed into those three categories with ease.

Encouraged by her mother Raajeshwari, and under her watchful eyes, Sridevi grew up under the arch-lights, cocooned by her over-protective family. Now, as a mother herself, she has a different vision for her children...

Despite Sridevi's innumerable protests and insistence that Jhanvi's not going to spring into films, young Ms Kapoor's confident take on the red carpet and natural elegance on cover shoots (just look at the People magazine cover by none other than Dabboo Ratnani - who shot Hrithik Roshan before his career zoomed into orbit) indicate a star incandescence that's being sheltered by her rightfully cautious parents. Many an on-screen interview reveals how vexed Sridevi is by the constant queries about her first-born. Laughably inaccurate  TV shows (especially in Telugu channels) have already stated that Jhanvi's signed films opposite a slew of second-generation stars - not an iota of truth in any of the reports that are speculative at best, pure fiction at worst.

However, Bollywood being as nepotistic as it is - with little sign of it changing its ways - all bets are on JK already. Wait and watch...

Jhanvi Kapoor and Sridevi

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