Thursday, 23 May 2013

Chandni (1989)

Sridevi in her most iconic title role; Chandni (1989).

In the glut of miss-able '80s flicks, Chandni is a superb drama, a finely acted love-triangle that may have told many times before, but never done with such polished sophistication and finesse.

Particularly as the three main protagonists acted, nay, lived their roles so well, the effervescent Sridevi, stellar Rishi Kapoor and a wonderfully subdued and subtle Vinod Khanna. Even after all these years, this movie remains timeless. Just gorgeous cinema.

As actress Neetu Singh, wife of Rishi Kapoor, Sri's oft co-star said, "Sridevi, like the film, was simply, superb."

Yes she was. Is.

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