Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Sridevi's national and international fans!

Having co-moderated the largest Sridevi fan page on Facebook (here) with Salman N Ahemd, we had noticed that the actress truly has an international appeal that's second to none.

With the Indian diaspora being as large as it is, it's no wonder that FB traces the lineage of her fanatics across continents, as their devout fandom is expressed via poetry, odes, images, online bouquets and other expressions of their deep-rooted love for Sridevi/Indian cinema.

When the international faces crop up, espousing their love in various languages and clumsy English (not that we're one to judge - especially not after English Vinglish!) to Sridevi, we spend a huge portion of our time letting them know that Sriji is not on Facebook, that its a page run by fans for fans.

We asked the thousands, 'Where are you from?'  And they told us - out loud!

Here are just some of the results, a peek at Sridevi's cross border, language-barrier rupturing, caste, colour nor creed defining, fans.

Sridevi resident of India, but reigning heartthrob of the world.

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