Friday, 14 June 2013

Yesterday Once More

Sridevi famously said that while she was working, she rarely got a chance to see many of the countries where she filmed some of her classic movies. A much stamped passport she may have, but with her all-encompassing work, she didn't get a chance to enjoy the places she hopscotched around.

Places such as Gstaad in Switzerland where she shot with Rishi Kapoor 25 years ago in the Hindi/Bollywood classic, Chandni. With husband Boney Kapoor, kids and friends in tow, she finally gets a chance to look around, shop around and be Switzerland's most gorgeous tourist in sight.

Here's a snap by snap visual of Sridevi then, Sridevi now. Gorgeous as ever, in the shimmering white sari, Sridevi is photographed with co-star Rishi Kapoor (from the last stanza of Tere mere hoton pe) and later, with hubby Boney Kapoor on holiday. 


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