Monday, 12 August 2013


Sridevi - you are the reason this blog exists. Our fan-dom hasn't diminished a sliver over the days and we - the collective millions, possibly billions, of fans - wish you the happiest birthday ever. As you've brought so much joy and happiness to our lives, we wish you as much joy and happiness too.

Happy happy birthday to the loveliest beautiful star woman !!

Wishing the very talented and gifted Sridevi ma'am a very happy birthday. May god multiply ur success n joys every year
Sri. You just proved that 50 is just another number. Happy Birthday. The most wonderful actor I have worked with. Mr India.

18 Aug
Went to wish as its her Bday today,absolutely Looovvveee her as an actor and even more as a person. I'm her biggest fan!:)

18 Aug
Loved being a part of Sridevi ji's 50th b'day celebrations!!:)what an incredible actor n a gifted human being!!Deepest respects! I love her!
Happy Bday Sri ma'am.. Thank u for being such an inspiration to girls like me all over the world. Here's to many such days..

Thank you so much Priyanka for your wishes.

she was always a star..but in Mr.India you showcased Sridevi like in a way only an artiste can present art

happy birthday to ever beautiful who continues to rule the hearts of millions with her charisma n simplicity..loads of love!
Thank you, Ramu. Sometimes an actor generates such creative energy that it propels the Directors energy, Like

Here’s wishing one of my all time favourites, a very happy birthday.

Wishing my all time favourite a very Happy Birthday.

In the words of P Ramamurthy "have a verri-verri so verri happy birthday madam with lots of idlis and wonderful wishes!"
20 Aug
Thank you verri verri much Rama.

yesssssss nd like u said shes that rare one in a million piece

you mt like 2 paint bt fr me u r the greatest living painting evr whch evn a Vangogh n Da vinci cant paint wthout u posing

Happy Birthday to one of my favourite Actresses in Bollywood . God Bless. :)

Happy Birthday to my most favourite. May God continue blessing you with all the best of success & health. You are the best !

Happy birthday@SrideviBKapoor : respect: regards and lots of love:-)
My favourite actress and a dear friend and a long working association is very special to me :-)

Here’s wishing one of my all time favourites, a very happy birthday.


  1. Wishing you a very very happy birthday .. Lots of luck and happiness always

  2. Happy birthday !!!!!!

  3. Wishing a most Happy Birthday to the eternal Empress of all the (cine)woods from the coldest North to the sunniest of the South!! She rules the whole subcontinent and beyond (for ever and ever)!

    Wishing you All the Best
    /Khargosh Agha

  4. wish my favourite actress a happy birthday, grow up watching your film and still you remain my number one, love you lots of love

  5. Wish my favourite and best actress a happy birthday, may God bless you with all the blessing exist in heaven, you will always remain one and only the best actress, i love since childhood,

  6. Happy Birthday ma...m

  7. Happy golden birthday for a golden girl. Have very very long and successful years to come. Wishing you and your kids and your husband a very merry years forthcoming. Thank you for being such a charming and heartwarming Lady. I enjoyed watching you grow and perform like Diva that you are. Thank you sister for what you are giving us.