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Lamhe's Box Office...

When Lamhe released in the Fall of 1991, most of us were spellbound by the film. The flawless music, acting, lyrics, dances, scenery, dialogues, visuals...  And when the box-office reports came in, declaring that Lamhe had failed while Phool aur Kaante (an Ajay Devgan/Madhoo film that does not pass the test of time) was a smash... it sort of left us petrified at the prospect of where Indian cinema was heading... 

Thankfully, Box Office Mania reports that Yash Chopra's pet project (and favourite beside Silsila)  - a multiple-award-winning flick - wasn't the epic failure the media turned it to be. Which warms our heart. It remains a cult favourite and classic, and even upon umpteenth viewing, is gleefully charming.

Sridevi in Lamhe (1991)

Lamhe (1991):

Yash Chopra production’s Lamhe staring Anil Kapoor, Sridevi, Waheeda Rehman and Anupam Kher is a cult and legend in Indian Cinema.

Some pages and some media houses used to label the film as a FLOP in Indian Box-office. But the fact is that, the film is not a FLOP in Indian Box-office. It was an average grosser in India and first Blockbuster in overseas market. Despite of it’s very big budget of Rs. 6 Crore (Inflammation Adjusted 2013 Rs. 76 Crore) the film managed to earn Rs. 7 Crore (Inflammation Adjusted 2013 Rs. 89 Crore) in India.

The film might have collected a handsome mullah of Rs. 90 Crore if it gets release in India in 2013. Also may collect Rs. 50 Crore outside India. Total collection Rs. 140 Crore Life time.

 Below are the trade statistics of LAMHE:

Production and other Cost : 6 Crore

All India Box –office Collection : 7 Crore

Life time Overseas Collection : 4 Crore

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  1. Wat is classic I really don know but have watched Lamhe for more than 10 times n would like to watch it more n more. For me Lamhe was the movie far ahead the time it has been produced. A cool, calm n balmy love story. Loving to love the movie my one of the favorites.

  2. Movie stands on its own. Anupam Kher's coming time, Sridevi's ability to transform roles and looks while convincing the viewer, locations and shooting the second half of the movie first. All this in the middle of Sridevi loosing her father.