Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Sabyasachi's Finest Muse

Though the Bengali designer has stated he's a fan of Sridevi long before he worked with her in English Vinglish - and she's returned the compliment - clearly if there's a lady to best represent his magnifent Indian outfits, it would have to be the desi diva of divas; Sridevi.

If we did a Bollywood celebrity parade of the leading ladies who wore Sabyasachi Mukherjee's saris and lehengas to various red-carpet events, Sridevi would emerge as the reigning queen who wore his ensemble best.

Sure Rani Mukherjee (fellow Bong) sported his work long before it was fashionable and of course multi-award winning Vidya Balan found redemption on the fashion blogistan via Sabya, but they didn't do him enough justice.

With her regal aura, her genteel ways, her innate elegance and her screen queen demeanor, Sridevi wore a Sabyasachi sari and killed on the red carpet. Every single time. There may be those who are thinner, taller, younger, perkier, flashier... but certainly, no one better than Sridevi.

Sridevi has sported his creations often, but at the premiere of her film at the Toronto Film Festival, she did the nation and the designer proud with her scintillating sartorial selection.

See the archive of Sridevi's Sabya selects here.

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