Friday, 13 December 2013

Adil Hussain on working with Sridevi

Sridevi with Adil Hussain on the sets of English Vinglish
The man who played ‪Sridevi‬'s husband in ‪English Vinglish‬, ‪the marvelous theatre actor turned cine-star Adil Hussain‬ on working with Sridevi, “Strangely, I was never intimidated by them [Sridevi, Tabu], though they were larger than life. I had watched their films since I was a teenager. Sridevi was someone far away, so was Tabu. But I had this notion of stars and their tantrums; I had heard so many stories that I thought I would get pissed off. And being from theatre, I knew I wouldn’t take tantrums. I was so wrong."

Sridevi threw him off too during the rehearsal for English Vinglish with her spontaneity and timing. “She had amazing tips. She is so ‘here and now’. Even when she is not in a shot, she is absorbing everything around. She has a 360 degree focus,” he says.

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