Monday, 31 March 2014

English Vinglish

From the crystalline moment when she turned her head and continued to take our collective breath away, frame after frame, moment by moment, we remain in awe of Sridevi's subtle perfection in the definitive dramedy of the decade, English Vinglish. Now, with over a year since it's release, we caught the movie again and it made us smile and tear up at the same time. What a fine balance of humour and pathos...

The movie was bolstered by some damn fine direction and writing - take another bow Gauri Shinde. Sridevi's first female director, Shinde, is working beside her husband R Balki (another noteworthy writer/director/producer) in a movie with Bachchan Snr no less, but really, we're all waiting to see Shinde's next work of art.

Sridevi joked in an interview that she'd feel pinched if she wasn't asked to be a part of the director's next flick and the curly coiffed writer/director echoed in the same vein, that it would be strange to work in a movie without the ace actress as she got spoiled by Sri's stellar performance, professionalism and the finesse that only an actor of her caliber can bring (the model turned non-actresses and the beauty queens, take a seat please).

We speak for billions, Sridevi, it's time for another turn on the silver-screen.

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She may not have been "born to make laddoos", but she sure as heck wasn't born to be in the sidelines. While considering writing her biography with Penguin India, we toyed with the idea of calling the book "Born to Act: Sridevi". But really, she was born to shine, in everything she does.


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