Sunday, 9 March 2014

Fan Art

Inspiring fans to sketch,  here's another one from a lost list of fan art we've archived on this blog.

ji this is the 1st portrait I drew for my highschool art class.You are my hero. Endless love from USA

UPDATE: More fan art. Below image of Sridevi in Lamhe reimagine.

  • illustratingnk Chudiyan Chanak Gaye. I loved how this song was shot. At night. In the deserts of Rajasthan. Everyone in shadow, except her. Dancing by moonlight and the campsite fire. (Oh and I counted. Properly. She has 4 fingers and a thumb on each hand. Don't ask me about the toes. Those are hidden in the sand.😂) #lamhe #sridevi #yashrajfilms #chudiyanchanakgaye #fashionillustration #illustratorsofinstagram #bollywood #creativemuslimwomen

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