Tuesday, 22 April 2014

English Vinglish's Asian Invasion

Though released in 2012, the Hindi film English Vinglish, magnificently helmed by writer/director Gauri Shinde and flawlessly executed by actress Sridevi, has encroached upon the screens and hearts of audiences throughout the Asian subcontinent. Going from strength to strength, the universal appeal of the story, its protagonist and her misadventures with the language, has found an appeal spilling well beyond the borders of Bollywood.

Even Sridevi herself has said in the past that she's surprised by the overwhelming response to this  littl' film that's captured the minutiae of the immigrant struggle in a gentle, non-preachy manner. On one hand its the tale of a woman looking for respect, on another, it's a microcosm of the daily struggle of expatriates, wherever they are in a land that's not home.

No wonder this film - without mammoth advertising and a self-promotional bandwagon - has found fans around the globe.

And Sri's heart-breaking and fragile speech at the end... well, that just seals the deal.

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