Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Fashion Icon: Sridevi

Sridevi in Chandni
Running into its seventh year, Screen The Big Picture’s recent edition focused on the sartorial impact of movies, the synergy with runway trends, the runway influence and more. Interestingly Sridevi's name cropped up several times during a panel discussion.


Screen: Interestingly, Sridevi’s saree in Chandni was so famous. In English Vinglish, she is again seen in a saree. She isn’t looking in-your-face sexy but there is an appeal to the kind of clothes she’s wearing. It fits in with her character who is a mother, a family woman and yet it’s very attractive.

Designer Neeta Lulla: I don’t think we can take Sridevi as a ballpark figure, because Sridevi is a fashion institute in herself. I have dressed her in Roop Ki Rani, in the heaviest of costumes, with almost 800 metal pieces and feathers on the head. For another film she’s worn a 12 kg metal top and she’s carried it off like a house on fire. What you saw in English Vinglish is just her simple self. All she did was wear the kind of clothes that were comfortable and exude her personality through them. But, if you have seen her in other films, she actually comes across as a diva.

Sridevi in Chandni
Screen: Celina what is your opinion on the saree, because now gowns have become far more popular?
Actress Celina Jaitley: Honestly, when I saw Chandni for the first time, that’s all I wanted to be. I even told my mother to change my name to Chandni. I can never get that image out of my mind of Sridevi in that particular blue or white chiffon saree that she wears in the film. So the Indian woman in me, would always feel the sexiest in a saree.
Actress Celina Jaitley: Sridevi to me would be a fashion icon.

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