Sunday, 1 June 2014

South Indian Dancing Diva

A montage of Sridevi's Bharatnatyam, other classical and semi-classical dance stills from her career on film. Despite not having learned the art form (as she famously spoke about it in the TV show Baaje Paayal), as a fine student, she performed flawlessly on screen when asked to dance.


  1. Sridevi in Bharata Natyam Costumes. In Most of the Telugu and Tamil Movies Sridevi had one Scene as Dream Song where she is always wearing this kind of Costume which Highlights her Thunder Thighs. She is very used to dancing since 13 yrs Old. But when she came in Himmatwala (Nainon Mein Sapna) Song which is also a Dream Scene , Bombay Audience were baffled for two reasons. 1.Her Thunder Thighs in this costume and 2. the ease with which Sridevi dances and runs for a First Time New comer. What Bollywood does not know is Sridevi has done these Songs with almost all Heroes of the south. Sridevi even taught a step or two to Jeetendra and waited patiently for him to get it Right befor the shoot.

  2. Sridevi with Kamal Hassan Both danced in a Tamil movie in costumes. Also sridevi in the same costume with Kunal in Kalakar. Same costume 2 films. but this still pose is from the Tamil film.