Sunday, 28 December 2014

Sridevi's Iconic Dance

Not sure why this number is called a 'taandav' per se as the element of "taandava" is infused with rage, anger and a depiction of violence. [More on Taandava here]

Sridevi's dance number in Chandni, with music that's purely instrumental orchestration with no lyrics, is more of a sensuous, semi-classical, Bollywood-ised number that's more eros based than rage based. Oh well, either way, it's one of the finest dances in the history of Indian cinema. Filled with intricate steps, innumerable expressions and sheer diva power like no other leading lady on screen, it's something to behold. Till date, dancers have tried to emulate the visual splendor of this dance and met with tepid response. Trying to copy an original which cannot be bettered.

The culmination of Sridevi's dominance over Bollywood in the 1980's, by the end of that decade, this film was a full stop to any question any cynic or critic had on who the uncrowned queen of Bollywood was. Sridevi. Period.

PS: There are two other Sridevi dances that are more Taandava based; the one from Jaag Utha Insaan (see here) and her award-winning turn in Chaalbaaz (see here.). The magazines, media amateurs and online hacks who forget to enlist Sri's achievements as a dancer, bow your head in ignorant shame!

Dozens of pics of Sridevi in Chandni here.

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