Thursday, 8 January 2015

Bollywood gives English-Vinglish a Thumbs Up

Since its release on October 5, English Vinglish has wowed critics and the audience alike. The film, heralded as Sridevi's comeback after a 15-year hiatus, has also given Bollywood Gauri Shinde, a new director to watch out for. It's been quite a while that a first-time director's work has generated such a buzz. We asked some industry biggies for their reactions to the film and here is what they said...

Amitabh Bachhan: It is such a beautiful film. I had a cameo in it that I enjoyed doing. The film itself was so touching. It was so moving without making any effort to move you. It just put facts together and yet it got to you with just the innocence. What a wonderful way to express women power. A very beautifully done film. Gauri Shinde is so so talented.

Vidya Balan. With the film, Sridevi has proved that a good actor's appeal is timeless. You connect with her the moment you see her on screen. To me, Sridevi has been, is, and will always be a complete actor.

Amole Gupte: Wow! Can I cook and send a dabba for the two rocking maharanis of India? Doni maaichya suer leki chandravar pochhiya ani ashroonch jahaale moti. (That's the Marathi song in the film: both the mothers' super daughters touched the moon). Wah Gauri! Wah Sridevi! No better this year. Bowing.

Ramesh Sippy: It's a very touching and delightful film. Between Gauri and Sridevi, they have brought this out in the most beautiful and subtle manner.

Excerpt from:
The Times of India
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